Why an Advisory Controller/CFO?
Zia Advisory offers monthly Advisory Controller/CFO services to companies that are not yet ready to hire a full-time CFO but need more in-depth financial reporting and analysis than provided by their bookkeeper or accounting manager. We serve as a strategic resource responsible for the accuracy of your organization’s financial statements and reports as well as providing budget, forecasting, and trend analysis services. Having timely, accurate financials and someone to help interpret what those financials mean is critical to any organization’s success. We strive to add significant, long-lasting value to every organization we serve by becoming an integral, trusted member of the management team. We are not afraid of the tough questions and work to find opportunities for improvement and growth.
Carolee Dewars is the founder of Zia Advisory. She has more than fifteen years of experience in finance including budgeting, cash flow forecasting, financial trend analysis, and accounting department workflow and organization. She helps her clients understand their company’s financial health and guides them through critical decisions to improve net profit and create positive cash flow. Carolee’s clients have seen an average net profit percentage increase of 9% over the past eight years.

Zia Advisory's work for Kazoodles is less an expense and more an investment. What Carolee Dewars does for us goes way beyond bookkeeping. She creates cash flow projections so I can plan my buying and budgeting better. She helps me see all angles of the financial side of an idea to help me decide whether to go with it or not. Everything she does for us is with an eye toward our profitability. She's indispensable.

Mary Sisson, Owner, Kazoodles Toys

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